My condominium directory is still under construction

It’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve realized that to be really useful, a blog should feature not just the webmaster’s opinions; it should provide useful resources, which I must admit, this website is very much lacking.

What started as a mere curiosity to list down the many condominiums that I see being advertised everyday in the newspapers turned into a full-blown project – a directory of condominium projects all over Metro Manila.

What I originally thought would take days to finish, has now taken over a month of my free time. Whenever I thought I was almost done, more would come up.

But they are sprouting like mushrooms for a reason – there is great demand for them. I have this impression that condominium development may be the real growth engine of the Philippine real estate market.

Do note that this directory is still under construction and not yet online. I have simply put the directory’s banner on the header just so you and I can experience the look and feel of how this directory will eventually work.

I hope my directory will somehow enable those who are looking for a condo, either to own or to rent, to gain useful information and to save time before they actually go out to look for one.

It’s going to be a very simple directory. The name of the project is linked to its website. Only the most basic details will be provided – the developer, number of towers, number of floors and whenever possible, the number of units. The address will provide a link to the Wikimapia map of the project so you can examine the various points of interest within and outside its vicinity.

Here’s an example:

Avida Towers Global City is a two-tower condominium development of Avida Land Corp., a subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc. It sits on a 4,000 square meter lot bounded by 9th, 39th and 10th Streets and Triangle Drive. Tower 1 will be 18 stories tall and will have 224 units while Tower 2 will be 20 stories tall and will have 256 units.

Please read this to see how you can take full advantage of Wikimapia.

For your information, the directory has so far included close to 200 condominium brands (many brands come in 2 to 3 towers; others come in clusters of 8 to 10 buildings).

The condominiums are classified according to their location. Although, not really a city, I have created a separate directory for Bonifacio Global City because it is densest in terms of number of condo development of very high quality .

Again, the directory is not yet online. I hope to put the Bonifacio Global City condo directory online within a day or two. So do watch out for it. The others will follow.

Thank you so much.

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  1. Ray Esquivel says:

    Hello Jun,

    I am very interested in your data base and await it becoming available. May I suggest that you define your project into phases. I totally understand your dilemma but have found that with these kinds of projects, you will truly never be done.

    So go live with what you have after you are satisfied that it is clean, accurate and meets your own standards. Then aim to do regular updates.

    My interest is in getting past the Property Management company to talk to the Board of Directors about a business idea I have for residents. It is the kind of thing that residents would want but Property Managers might find themselves at odds with because of the information with which it would involve.

    Hope that helps.


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