Something is wrong with this website

In my last post about Grass Residences on February 26, I noticed something strange with this website.

What you are seeing is what is called the front-end of a website. You’re seeing the header with the title Philippine Real Estate and Construction with a collage of pictures beside it and the Condominium Directory to the right. On top of it is the Navigation Bar. You also see the left and right side bars and of course the blog contents.

What you don’t see and something that only I am privy to is the back-end where the real action takes place. It’s where the bells and whistles are. That’s where I write this post and those before it. The back-end is also where some codings are done so you can see what you are seeing now. Posts are written in what’s called a blog editor; see the image below and click to enlarge.

image of a WordPress blog editorSee the word near the upper leftmost portion, the one that is bolded? It says Dashboard because the blog editor functions exactly like a car’s dashboard.

After a post is written, I have the option to either save it as a Draft (for publication at a later time) or to immediately publish it. The night I wrote my last post, I saved it as a Draft for proofreading. Right after I clicked the “Save Draft” button (the one on the upper right just below the word “Publish,” all the contents of my post including images disappeared. I had no choice but to do it all over again.

Good thing is I first write all my posts in Notepad then copy/paste the contents to this blog editor. It was tedious nonetheless as I had to upload all the images all over again. After I was done, I clicked the Save Draft button again and all the contents disappeared again, for the second time.
The third time, I chose not to save it but published it immediately by clicking the Publish button (the one with white font and blue background).

And the post went live.

The following day, I tried to “Update” an old post – Trip to Georgia Club in Sta. Rosa, Laguna – that I published on November 2010. After I made some changes and clicked the Update button, all the contents disappeared in the blog editor. When I previewed it, the post was blank except for the titles. See the images below.

image of a blank blog editor and a blank preview page

Here’s the post as it actually looks now.

It was a complete disaster as I have lost this post and there is no way to recover it.

I asked for help in Facebook from peers who do the same thing that I do – online marketing of real estate. There are at least two groups in Facebook whose members help one another on matters like this: WordPress for Real Estate Agents and Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents.

Members from both groups are unanimous in saying that my website woes are most probably caused by my “Plugins.”

images of plugins of Philippine Real Estate and Construction

Plugins are the bells and whistles that allow website users and developers to extend the abilities and functionality of a site beyond the features of a basic web install.

If you go back to the first image, you will see “Plugins” in the middle of the left side bar. When I click it, it shows the plugins that I have installed in my website.

To see if indeed a plugin or two are causing the magic disappearance of the contents of my blog whenever I edit and save them, I will have to disable or deactivate them all. On the front-end, you will not be able to get in touch with me using the “Contact Us” form in the navigation bar. You will have to do so via junsanchez2003(at)

If the problem disappears after I disable all the plugins, then, it is indeed a plugin issue. The next step is to find out which plugin is causing the problem. I will then have to activate the plugins one at a time.

This post will be the laboratory to find out the culprit plugin. If this post suddenly disappears, it means I have activated the malicious plugin.

So brace yourselves as I might do something that will make not just this post but the entire website disappear. That’s something that will make me cry. Seriously, you might see things suddenly change, move or look funny as you read this; that means I am working in the background.

Until then, enjoy this blog until it is swallowed by the big black hole in the blogosphere.

Wish me luck and thank you so much.

Jun Sanchez
Licensed Real Estate Broker
PRC Registration 4562
Tel 857.0100 local 1391
Globe 0915.965.1389
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